Aditya Rana biography, spoken guru, age, Instagram

Aditya rana

Who is Aditya Rana ?

Aditya Rana is an English teacher who teaches English to people for free through social media YouTube Instagram Facebook website and also other social media platforms Aditya Rana is a resident of Dehradun.

I can say with certainty that you will be able to learn a lot from this story of Aditya Rana. In this long journey of his life, some such incidents also happened which will inspire you to a great extent, so let’s know about the success journey of this legends:

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Aditya Rana biography, age, youtube

Aditya Rana was born in Dehradun Uttarakhand, he belonged to a poor family, he did his early education from Hindi Medium School in Dehradun, although his English was very weak at that time, he started learning English through books, after that to improve communication skills. Took tuitions for English, which improved his English a lot, he also worked in a call center to bring fluency in English.


Aditya Rana opened Spoken English Institute in Delhi Dilshad Colony, which was started in 2009. In about 3 years, more than 3000 children were added to Aditya Rana’s Spoken Institute, out of which about 1000 children are living below the poverty line. Coming from families, it was no less than an achievement for Aditya Rana but he was not going to stop here either and you might not have words to praise Aditya Rana for what happened next.


In order to teach free English to the needy, Aditya Rana prepared the study material after 6 months of hard work, after that in 2013 he created a website named Through this website, he provided Study Material for free. In June 2015 he wrote english speaking book, this book is emerging as best rating book in speaking book category in Flipkart as of today. Aditya Rana got another big heart when he managed to make English speaking book free of cost to more than one lakh children living below poverty line.





Aditya Rana early life

He also had to face a lot of trouble in the beginning, when he went to the publisher to print the book, he was asked to leave saying that ‘the chappal will get worn down’ but he did not stop here and he himself booked Printed and today this book has emerged as the best speaking book.

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Aditya Rana Youtube | Aditya Rana Spoken English guru

Started YouTube channel in 2016 which was named as English Guru YouTube channel and also launched Android app in 2018.




Aditya Rana Instagram

YouTube – 5.55M

Facebook – 1.1M

Instagram  – 142K

Application – 3.2M

Books  – 1.5M


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