Alakh Pandey aka physicswallah biography, networth, struggle life

Alakh Pandey biography

Today’s post is going to be very special for you because today we are going to know about the famous YouTube teacher Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey. He is not only in the news because of his funny style, but also because of taking forward his Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey education brand on an online platform faster than a rocket. If you also like the unique way of teaching of Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey or Alakh Pandey life, struggling life, family, education, marriage, affair, personal life, career, and facts related to life then stay with this post.


Who is Alakh Pandey ?

Alakh Pandey is a teacher, YouTuber, Instagram influencer and also the founder of Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey YouTube channel. He was born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Till date, about 7 million students have joined his YouTube channel.

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Alakh Pandey Height

Height   5’8” in Feet




Alakh Pandey qualification, education

He started preparing for engineering entrance after passing 12th from Bishop Johnson School and College, in the year 2015 he started studying B.Tech from High Court Butler Technology Institute (HBTI) Kanpur.


Alakh Pandey IIT rank, struggle story

He used to do street plays since his school days, and after going to college, this series of street plays continued to grow even more. After which his only dream was to to become an actor, although on the another hand he was also teaching tuition from school days when he was studying in the eighth class. Then he used to teach the children of fourth, fifth grade. were.

When he went further to the 11th class, he started teaching the children of 9th in coaching. His interest in teaching children started increasing continuously. Further, when he was studying 12th, the financial condition of his house had become so critical that he had to sell his South Malaka house and shifted to Kalindipuram, and after seeing the financial condition of the family, his full focus was on coaching. He was engaged in teaching.

After teaching children in offline for many years, seeing the increasing craze of online platform, he also started teaching 11th, 12th children by creating YouTube channel in the year 2015 but due to no response for almost 2 years, he started teaching 12th class children on YouTube from the year 2017.

At that time, there were no teachers on YouTube to teach the syllabus of the ICSE board, after teaching for about 1 year, about 10 thousand subscribers were completed on his YouTube channel. At that time, Alakh Pandey did not know much about YouTube, he did not even know that money is also earned from YouTube by monetization. After being told by one of his friends, he did YouTube channel monetization.

The first earning of his YouTube was 8 thousand rupees. Till date, about 7 million children have joined the Alakh Pandey YouTube channel with Physics. On Physicswallah Alakh Pandey YouTube channel, JEE Mains, JEE Advance, NEET, and Medical entrance exam preparation.


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Alakh Pandey family details

Not much information has been revealed about Alakh Pandey’s family so far.
Father’s name – Known
Mother’s Name – Not Known
Sister Name – Aditi Pandey




Alakh Pandey girlfriend, wife

Alakh Pandey is leading an unmarried life till now.


Alakh Pandey net worth

There is no exact figure of Alakh Pandey earning available.


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