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Aliya Naaz Web Series

In today’s post, one of the most popular actresses of OTT, Alia Naaz is going to tell about all the new web series of the year 2022 New Aliya Naaz Web series 2022 List, Name, these days Alia Naaz is the most liked OTT. She is one of the actresses, its web series is always full of very exciting and interesting story. People have liked all their web series very much, today in this post we will show you Alia Naaz’s new web series for the year 2022, Upcoming Aliya Naaz Web Series 2022, 2023 List, Name, Release Date.









1.ChoodiWala Part 2 Web Series Watch Online

Aliya Naaz’s new web series ChoodiWala 2, which has been released on Ullu App on 12 July 2022. The story of this web series is taken from the last part of Part 1, in the first part, Chudiwala entraps three women in the trap of his love along with selling bangles, in ChoodiWala Part 2, Murari gives bangles to three women, and all three But all three do not know about each other about this. To know further story visit Ullu App.









2.ChoodiWala web series Story

Alia Naaz’s ChoodiWala web series Ullu App has been released on 6 July 2022. The story of the web series begins with a churiwala selling bangles in the village, one day the churiwala is wearing a bangle in the hand of a duodenum, the churiwala touches the woman in a romantic way and the woman closes her eyes. starts imagining the next, after which the bangle wala does his trick and urges him to make the dream come true and then the lady calls to meet him at 2:00 pm, further romance filled story good quality by visiting Ullu App I can see.








3.Andha dhun web series

Aliya Naaz’s Primeshorts web series Andha Dhundh which is released on 6th July 2022, the story of which is a very interesting web series, the story of a boy named Rohit who is blind, his father is the owner of a very big company who lives with his son. Tells about his company employee sends one of the employee to take care of Rohit, Monica looks very hot, Monica takes advantage of Rohit’s blindness and steals jewelery from Rohit’s house, further romances You can watch the story as the prime stepper.








4.Seal 4 Prime web series 2022

Aliya Naaz’s new Primeshorts web series for the year 2022 is Seal 4, in which another popular OTP actress Ayesha Kapoor is seen in the lead role along with Alia Naaz, only and the story of the web series is the story of a newly married couple in which husband honeymoon But he swears that he will not celebrate the honeymoon anymore until he pays off his father’s debt, then he stays away from his wife, due to which his wife is not happy and then both the wives come up with new ideas to get happiness To know what happens next, you can watch Seal 4 web series by visiting Primeshorts App.










5.Bahu Jaan prime short web series 2022

Alia Naach’s most popular web series in the year 2022 is Main Ek Bahu Jaan, which was released on Primeshorts, the story of this web series is a family story where husband wife and father-in-law live together, their father-in-law suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Suffering from father-in-law’s love for his daughter-in-law, you can search Bahu Jaan web series on Primeshorts and watch it in very good quality to see more interesting story ahead.






6.Mr Teacher Prime short web series 2022

Alia Naaz’s new web series Primeshorts’ Mr. Teacher has been, the story of this web series is about a 12th class student Rohit who fails in the 12th examination for 2 consecutive times, after which his father and the city’s biggest coaching institute gets admission in this coaching to Sabina. The name teacher runs, with her very unique style, all the children are always toppers, visit Primeshorts App to see what is the unique style of teaching of madam.










7.Puddan Season 2 Watch Online Cast, story

Aliya Naaz’s new web series Cineprime App Puddan web series 2 is also included, whose story is also interesting like any other person or the story of the web series is of three friends who live in a beautiful village but all three are bored with their lives. Going out in search of a new village and the thrilling scene ahead you can watch in very good quality on the Cineprime App app.








8.Online Ullu Web series Watch Online, Cast, story, Download

Aliya Naaz’s new Ullu app web series is online, the story of this web series is of a young boy whose father is the owner of an undergarment shop, one day a milkman comes to deliver milk, with a pillow on his bike. Is. Seeing the pillow kept on the bike, the boy says, why are you keeping this pillow. So the milkman says that my wife is fond of adult films, whatever she sees in films. She makes me make you go to Ullu App to see the story full of romance ahead.