Arvind Arora biography, A2 motivation, instagram, youtube, family

Arvind Arora biography

Who is Arvind Arora ?

Arvind Arora is mainly from Gujarat and he currently resides in Bangalore. Arvind Arora is known on YouTube as one of the best chemistry teacher and a great motivational speaker, has more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel VEDANTU NEET MADE EJEE. He has more than 3.5 million subscribers on his motivational channel A2 Motivation. Arvind sir is also associated with Vedantu, a well-known teaching hub of the edutech world. Competitive exams like NEET, JEE, AIIMS are prepared on Arvind sir’s channel.



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Arvind Arora age, qualification, birthday

Name               Arvind Arora
Birthday          28th September
Heights           5 feet 8 inches
weights           62 kg
Birthplace       SURAT, Gujarat
Current home Bengaluru
Religion            HINDUISM
Qualification    MSc
Fav Color          Yellow
Profession         Teacher, Youtuber




Arvind Arora struggle life, career


Arvind sir’s journey after MSc happened as a normal teacher, he rejected the best package of 1200000 because of teaching students for free on YouTube. Arvind Sir’s Journey mainly started from 2018 and he joined Vedantu in January of 2019. Arvind sir’s life journey is very motivational and inspirational. Arvind sir always says “Dream with open eyes and follow it”. Today if we say that along with the teacher Arvind sir is a great motivational speaker and an inspirational brand.
Arvind sir is a very good teacher of chemistry and because of chemistry, he has also been awarded the best teacher award. Be it organic chemistry or in organic or physical Arvind sir is a master teacher of chemistry.

Arvind Arora Motivational Video

Arvind Arora is not only a chemistry teacher but he is also an amazing motivational short video creator on Instagram and YouTube. His short video is so famous that recently 1 B i.e. one billion views have been completed on his motivational channel. This is the most views received by any teacher or by an educational creator. He has made a different identity in the hearts of people with his shot videos, daily uploading an amazing 50 second motivational video on YouTube which people like very much and hence people on Arvind sir’s Motivational channel are very fast. are joining.
Let us tell you that Arvind Sir used to upload motivational short videos on tik-tok earlier. There were too many followers in Tik-Tok.

Arvind sir gives the credit of his success to his parents, Vedantu and his students. A lot of students take inspiration from Arvind sir’s life journey and want to be like him. Arvind sir’s personal life has never been public, so we cannot tell you much about his personal life.


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Arvind Arora Instagram link

Arvind Aroraj  Follows more than 2.5 lakhs on his Instagram ID where he shares motivational short videos and motivational lines daily. Arvind sir In 2020 he has launched his own merchandise A2 merchandise where wide variety of t-shirts and hoodie are available. If you also want to connect with this amazing personality then follow him on Instagram or you can also follow him on his YouTube channel A Square Motivation.

We all need to know about a wonderful personality, teacher and great motivational speaker like Arvind Arora, so you share the clog in this so that everyone from small to big people is given free education by Arvind sir for the betterment of the society. Let me know everyone.
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Arvind Arora net worth

Arvind Arora has a net worth of 7-10 crores.





What is the net worth of Arvind Arora?

Arvind Arora net worth is 7-10 crores.


When was Arvind Arora born?

Arvind Arora was born on 24 August 1994, in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.


What is the name of A2 sir?

A2 Sir name is Arvind Arora.



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