Dhasu Sir ( Dalveer Nagar ) biography, networth, videos, family

Math teacher Dhasu sir, who became famous due to his unique teaching style in the name of Math tricks on YouTube and Mahakal, hardly knows anyone.
He is in a lot of discussion these days after leaving the three most prestigious institutes of the country, Adda247, Wifistudy and Unacademy. After which everyone is not stopping to search on Google to know the biography of Dhasu sir. If you are also one of them then stay tuned to this post. Today we are going to tell through this post the life introduction of Dhasu sir, why Dhasu sir left Adda247, Wifistudy and Unacademy, Dhasu sir’s struggle life, Dhasu sir’s family, Dhasu sir’s lifestyle, Dhasu sir’s studies, Dhasu sir’s career, Dhasu sir YouTube channel and many important things related to life.

Who is Dhasu sir (Dalveer Nagar) ?

Dhasu sir biography
Dhasu sir biography


Dalveer Nagar (Dhasu sir) is a teacher. Who are working as faculty in reputed institutes of India like adda247, Wifistudy and Unacademy. He was born in 1985 in a farmer family of Faridabad Delhi. Dhasu sir is very famous because of his best math tricks and unique way of teaching desi. Currently Dhasu sir teaches SSC, Railway, Banking children through his YouTube channel.



Dhasu sir biography


NicknameDhasu sir
ProfessionTeacher, Youtube
date of birth1985 year
BirthplaceFaridabad New Delhi
Age36 years
religion Hindu
marital statusmarried


Dhasu sir’s birthday and family

Dhasu sir was born in 1985 in a poor farmer family of Faridabad. He belongs to Hindu religion. He completed his studies from the Government School of his birth place. He was also brought up from Faridabad. His father was a small fat farmer and mother was a housewife. Dhasu sir is the youngest among five brothers. His four brothers are retired army officers. Dhasu sir would often say one thing that my elder brothers have always supported me.

Dhasu sir education, qualification

Dhasu sir did his schooling from his birthplace, Faridabad. He had a lot of interest in Maths subject since childhood. In the class, he was always top in maths subject. After completing Intermediate, he did B.tech Computer Science Engineering and CSSC B.Tech degree from Linga Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad.


Story of Dhasu sir becoming a teacher

Dhasu sir worked for almost 2 years after getting his B.Tech degree. He did not feel like doing 9 to 5 work at all, he had to do something different. With this thinking, leaving the job and fulfilling the dream of his teacher, he started teaching tuition in his village from the year 2000.

It went like this for many years, from the year 2010, he started teaching in engineering college. After which he also taught in many well-known institutes of Delhi.

The turning point in his career came when he joined the country’s prestigious institute adda247 and started taking mathematics classes. His excellent math tricks and his unique style changed a lot. His excellent method of teaching made him famous by the name of Dhasu Sir, he made a different identity in the world of online education in a very short time.

Further he remained as a faculty in prestigious institutions like Unacademy and Wifistudy.

After a few years, he left the legendary institute like Adda247, Wifistudy, and Unacademy and started preparing for many other competitive exams like ssc, railway, banking through his own YouTube channel Dhasu sir Maths.

Dhasu sir networth, meme, comedy

Dhasu sir was born in 1985 to a poor farmer in Faridabad. He is the youngest among his five brothers.

He currently teaches through the YouTube channel Dhasu sir Maths, except the three most prestigious institutes of the country, Adda247, Wifistudy, and Unacademy.

Dhasu sir is a great devotee of Mahakal, he often keeps taking the name of Mahakal while teaching on YouTube.



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